A recent study conducted for the state of Oregon finds that Toledo, Ohio, has the overall lowest costs for solar-panel manufacturing when compared to ten other states with solar-panel production. According to this article in The (Toledo) Blade, the 2010 study also finds that when operating a parts supplier plant, Ohio—and particularly Toledo—trails only Utah, New Mexico and North Carolina in lowest costs.

"The Toledo region is definitely the most progressive within the state of Ohio and it's becoming more widely known as a place to manufacture [photovoltaic products],” said the study's co-author, Michelle Comerford, managing director of Austin Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio. “The economic developers are certainly doing their jobs there in Toledo."

The Oregon study is somewhat in contrast to a Blade investigation a year ago that found Ohio had early success in the solar industry in part because of solar research at University of Toledo, but it lost out on thousands of solar manufacturing jobs in recent years to states offering more incentives and stronger product markets.