The CAISO has begun a review of its interconnection standards in an effort to facilitate the integration of renewable technologies in the CAISO Control Area and also to improve reliability and resolve operational problems relating to the interconnection. In particular, the CAISO will implement the requirement for the installation of active and reactive controls to resolve ramp rate issues, MW output control, and voltage control and frequency response associated with variations in energy inputs and outputs of intermittent resources such as the wind and the sun. The CAISO has not provided information on the costs associated with the incorporation of such controls in the construction and operation of renewable power sources, or on the effect that active control of such resources will have on productivity levels.

The CAISO expects to file the revised interconnection standards with FERC in June 2010. It will present the standards enhancement proposal at an open stakeholder meeting to be held at the end of March 2010 or the beginning of April 2010. A subsequent stakeholder meeting will be held in late April 2010. The meeting times and call-in information can be found at