The Commission has ruled that the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (“FICORA”) must withdraw its plans to deregulate the wholesale markets for fixed voice call termination in Finland. On 2 September 2013, the Commission received a notification from FICORA concerning the markets for call termination on individual public telephone networks provided at a fixed location in Finland. Finland's currently regulated fixed termination rates (“FTRs”) are the highest in the EU at 2.42 €-cents/min, compared to an average of 0.11 €-cents/min in all other EU member states which follow the approach recommended by the Commission. The Commission has overruled FICORA's proposal to leave unregulated the rates, which Finnish operators charge other operators for connecting calls to customers on their respective fixed networks. Termination markets are monopolies since only one operator can terminate a call to its subscribers. Since FTRs are ultimately included in prices paid by consumers, leaving FTRs unregulated in non-competitive markets implies the risk of excessive pricing both at wholesale and retail level. In its veto decision, the Commission concluded that FICORA had failed to provide sufficient evidence that the market is effectively competitive and would therefore no longer warrant regulation. Source: Commission Press Release 2/12/2013