The Fair Work Commission has released its Quarterly report on the anti-bullying jurisdiction:  

In the 3 months to 31 March 2014, only 151 anti-bullying applications were lodged.  

Of these:  

  • 32 were withdrawn (in early case management, prior to conference/hearing, or after conference/hearing but before decision);
  • 16 were resolved during the course of proceedings; and
  • 8 were finalised by a decision, of which:
    • 7 applications were dismissed; and
    • 1 order was issued because the worker was at risk of continued bullying at work.   

133 applications were lodged by employees, 4 by a contractor/subcontractor, 3 by an employee of a labour hire company, 1 by an apprentice/trainee and 1 by a volunteer.   

55% of applications involved a business with 100+ employees, 6% a business with 51-100 employees, 24% a business with 15-50 employees, and 15% a business with less than 15 employees.  

109 workers alleged their manager bullied them, 27 alleged bullying by another worker, 20 alleged bullying by a group of workers, and 3 alleged bullying by a subordinate.    

The applications covered all industries with the most in the clerical industry (23), followed by the retail industry (13), the health and welfare services industry (11), and the educational services industry (10).