Neophotonics Corp has begun its public trading in early February, marking a significant event in the 2011 IPO market. Cleantech and nanotech watchers should be carefully watching this long awaited development. Neophotonics was formerly knows as Nanogram until 2002 and features much "submicron," a/k/a nanotechnology, in its patent portfolio. One investor is lead nanotech venture capital investor, Harris & Harris Group.

In reading the Neophotonics IPO prospectus, numerous important observations can be made regarding issues such as past business reorganizations, patent litigation, and manufacturing employment in China.

The federal and state governments should also be carefully watching this important IPO to see what works and does not work for technology commercialization, how policies are influencing the IPO process, and how to provide for a more favorable future. We are seeing early favorable press reports about this IPO.