The Strategic Goods (Control) Order (“SGCO”) 2016 will replace the current SGCO 2015 effective from 1 November 2016.

The SGCO 2016 brings Singapore’s strategic goods control list up to date with the 2015 Wassenaar Arrangement Munitions List, and the 2015 European Union’s List of Dual-Use Items.
In particular, as compared to the SGCO 2015, the SGCO 2016:

  • Adds a new control on Bis (2,2,2-trinitroethyl)-nitramine to Category ML8;
  • Adds new controls or expands controls on certain items under Categories 1 (Special Materials and Related Equipment), 2 (Materials Processing), 3 (Electronics), 6 (Sensors and Lasers), 7 (Navigation and Avionics), and 9 (Aerospace and Propulsion) of the Dual-Use List in the SGCO 2015, including, among others, certain:
    • high density materials,
    • machine tools for turning, milling or grinding;
    • oscillators and acoustic arrays;
    • fibre laser components, rare-earth-metal doped double-clad fibres, and software designed for the alignment of mirrors;
    • receiving equipment for Global Navigation Satellite Systems;
    • development technology required for deriving the functional requirements for fly-by-wire systems;
    • spacecraft buses, payloads, on-board systems or equipment, and terrestrial equipment;
    • unmanned aerial vehicles not yet specified in Category Code 9A012; and
    • combustion chambers and nozzles.
  • Removes or relaxes controls regarding certain items which are currently included in Categories 3 (Electronics), 5 (Part 2 - Information Security), 6 (Sensors and Lasers), and 8 (Marine) of the Dual-Use List in the SGCO 2015, including, among others, certain:
    • converters, harmonic mixers, synthesisers, signal analysers and network analysers;
    • imaging cameras;
    • cryptographic activation equipment; and
    • various marine equipment (e.g., surface effect vehicles, hydrofoils, hydrofoil vessels, lift fans, etc.).
  • Relaxes controls regarding certain software or technology for certain digital computers which are currently controlled under Category 4 (Computers) of the Dual-Use List in the SGCO 2015; and
  • Introduces new definitions, notes or technical notes corresponding to the above changes and clarifies existing controls.

The scope of strategic goods subject to the brokering controls under the Strategic Goods (Control) Act has also been expanded to include the entire category of ML8 items (as opposed to currently just covering categories ML1, ML4, and selected items in category ML8). As such, from 1 November 2016, the brokering controls under the amended Strategic Goods (Control) (Brokering) Order will apply to categories ML1 to ML4 and ML8.