Variety is the spice of life, even when it comes the legal implications of technology. This week offers a good illustration of the many different areas of the law that technology can impact. Here are some current examples:

Employment Law: A New Mexico judge who violated the court's computer and Internet use policy with his "excessive and improper" instant messaging during court proceedings was forced to resign. A Penn admissions officer who shared on Facebook snippets of admissions essays on Facebook has sparked debates about online sharing of employment information.

Securities Law: The rise in hacking of corporate websites and databases has caused some to question the related risk to overall corporate security and profitability, and the responsibility hacked companies have to report hacks to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Family Law: A recent survey finds that dating websites are key sources of evidence in divorce cases.

Constitutional Law: The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a bill that would require the police to obtain a search warrant before searching or tracking email and mobile phones. In a civil case, the court's order to remove a Facebook posting involving McDonald's advertising practices has created push-back from free speech advocates.