Every few years private (and public) schools that are part of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) program of competitive athletics undergo a "re-leaguing" process to determine which schools will compete against which other schools.  As the plans for the 2014-2018 cycle were being made, certain schools in the CIF Southern section decided there were 4 private high schools against whom they no longer wished to compete.  These schools are: Damien High School, Oaks Christian School, Saint Bonaventure High School, and St. Lucy's Priory High, and they all have reputations of fielding extremely competitive teams in several popular sports.  Other schools began a campaign to place these four schools in a "Parochial Area."

The schools filed an appeal with the CIF Southern section, but lost.  Eventually the appeal wound its way into Superior Court.  The judge urged the sides to reach a solution through mediation, but it was unsuccessful.  Finally, they agreed on binding arbitration to resolve the matter.  The schools argued that this forced re-leaguing would require their students to travel unreasonable distances to compete in team sports, frequently resulting in students not being done with their sports activities until 9 pm.

The arbitration lasted two days and after the process was complete, the arbitrator decided that the four schools would remain in their original CIF areas.