Resolution n°2012-57 of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (Superior Council of Audiovisual - CSA) dated 23 October 2012, amending Recommendation No. 2005-5 of 7 June 2005 to the editors of television services for the identification and classification of youth programs, reinforces the system of symbols that aim at protecting young people against public programs deemed inappropriate for their age group.

The pictogram of Category II programs, that is to say with some scenes that may offend children under the age of ten, shall, as from 12 December 2012, be present during the whole broadcast of the program. In addition, the words "not recommended for children under age ten" that accompanies it, will appear either at the bottom of the screen during one minute at the beginning of the program, or in full screen before the broadcast of the program for a minimum of twelve seconds.

The regime of the age marking for category II programs is now in line with the regime of programs in categories III, IV and V that may offend minors of age of twelve, age of sixteen and age of eighteen.