On July 1, 2009, the FCC issued an Order adopting a Consent Decree, which ended its investigation into a licensee's violation of the Commission's low-power FM station cross-ownership rule. Under the Commission's rules, licensees of low-power FM radio stations cannot hold an attributable interest in any other non-LPFM broadcast station or any other media subject to the broadcast ownership rules. A complaint alleged that the licensee of a low-power FM station had failed to divest his ownership in the local newspaper before the station commenced operation. In response to the Enforcement Bureau's Letter of Inquiry, the licensee admitted to the violation but stated that he had since completed the required divestiture. The Consent Decree, taking into consideration the licensee's financial hardship, required that the licensee voluntarily contribute $500 and create a compliance plan. The Consent Decree can be found here, and the Commission's Order is available here.