The tax incentive provided by the so called “Patent Box” become now operational: on October 20th the inter-ministerial Decree of 30 July 2015 was finally published in the Italian Official Journal. The Decree includes the provisions that allow the undertakings concerned to exercise the option to make use of the tax benefits.

This entails a substantial tax reduction (30% in 2015, to 40% in 2016 and 50% in 2017) of a share of income accruing to the undertakings through the exploitation of intellectual property rights: patents (includingbiotechnological inventions, supplementary protection certificates, patents for utility models and patents and certificates for plant varieties) trademarks and designs legally protectable, copyrighted software, and even know-how (namely the complex of corporate information and experiences industrial techniques, including commercial or scientifically protected as secret information, legally enforceable). The decree just launched regulates in detail the procedure that the undertakings concerned must follow to take advantage of the tax incentive.