The Department for Education has published the outcome of its consultation on Risk Protection Arrangements (RPA) for Academies, which come into effect in September 2016. Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and those schools currently considering Academy status should be aware of the RPA scheme and of these changes.

The most notable change is the GAG (General Annual Grant) reduction from £25 per pupil to £20 per pupil for the period from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2018 for those Academies in the RPA Scheme. The Government will review the contribution in late 2017 to see if further variation is possible or necessary and will consult again if it intends to make a variation.

Other changes to the RPA from September 2016 include:

Scaling up the RPA risk management audits;

Stating more about risk management in the Academies Financial Handbook;

Setting a time limit on reimbursing Academies for long term insurance arrangements;

Reducing the period of notice, which RPA members must give before leaving the RPA, from six months to three months;

Clarifying the arrangements for MATs to join the RPA where only some of their Academies are able to join in the first instance;

Clarifying that principles contained in the ‘Membership Rules for church Academies’, are equally applicable to other faith and non-church bodies;

Clarifying that the RPA will consider providing an indemnity to a Member for claims that are normally dealt with on a ‘claims occurring’ basis under RPA.