A certificate system for online retailers is to be launched on 16 th October 2012.

It involves a special certificate for online retailers that meet legal, consumer and data protection standards approved by the Consumer Protection Authority. Consumers who see the certificate on a website can then shop there with the security of knowing that it meets these standards.

This initiative is part of a cooperation agreement between the Consumer Protection Authority and the Non-Profit Association for E-commerce (comprising the main e-commerce businesses in Hungary).

The agreement is aimed at developing the e-commerce market and ensuring compliance with consumer protection rules.

Other areas for cooperation between the CPA and NPAE include joint involvement in preparing further e-commerce regulations, in organising professional training and events and in promoting the certificate system.

In Hungary last year, e-commerce made up 2.4 % of retail sales. Online consumer protection becomes increasingly important as more and more people buy and sell on the internet.

The NPAE has been working since 2005 to make online retailers comply with consumer protection regulations and meet the standards expected by consumers. This has largely been achieved by organising conferences and professional events to give online retailers the information they need to operate better; however, since last year, it has also provided information for consumers on its website about making online purchases.