The Competition Council aims to improve its quality system in order to comply with EU legislation and enhance competition law enforcement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The council's recently published work programme outlines its objectives and priorities for 2017 and ensures its transparency for business and expert communities.

In 2017 the Competition Council aims to:

  • continue the implementation of competition proceedings instituted on request from undertakings or ex officio (abuse of dominant position, individual exemptions to restrictive agreements and assessment of concentrations);
  • work on amendments to the Competition Act;
  • draft the Internal Organisation and Job Classification Handbook;
  • amend the Competition Council Tariff Code;
  • work on competition advocacy; and
  • strengthen the professional and administrative capabilities of staff through continuous education and training in seminars organised by domestic and international institutions.

The council has stressed that certain issues may arise in the implementation of the work programme, which may affect relevant tasks and activities. The council has identified the following potentially restrictive factors:

  • inadequate competition advocacy; and
  • issues with the use of the electronic case management application.

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