New legislation in the Netherlands criminalising the financing of terrorism recently took effect. This legislation adds a new section to the Criminal Code making terrorism financing a separate criminal offence.

The new section defines conduct regarded as financing. The section specifies that the conduct must be intentional, outlines the types of offences, the financing of which is penalised, and describes applicable criminal sanctions. This addition to the Dutch Criminal Code also widens the scope for criminal prosecution: the possession of objects or knowingly providing information used to provide financial support to terrorism has now been criminalised.

Prosecutors will have to prove that the intent was aimed at providing financial support to terrorism. The types of offences, the financing of which is penalised, include those defined by the Criminal Code as terrorism. The maximum penalty is an eight-year prison term or a category 5 fine (EUR 78,000).

If you would like to know more about this new Act, please go to the First Chamber’s website (available in Dutch only).