Amendments to O. Reg. 419/05 were filed on December 30, 2009 which recognizes that the contaminant-based air quality standards under O. Reg. 419/05 can present common or similar implementation challenges for more than one facility within a sector. The amendments provide the Minister with the authority to establish sector-based standards that can be applied to facilities within those sectors in lieu of the current requirement to comply with Point of Impingement concentrations for air standards under O. Reg. 419/05.

A facility that chooses to follow the sector-specific technical standard is required to register with the Ministry of the Environment to indicate that this is the chosen compliance option. The MOE is currently developing a Technical Standards Registration Process which would allow the MOE to post registration of facilities under this option on the MOE website, ensuring that the public is aware of the facility’s compliance requirements.

Currently, technical standards have only been introduced for facilities within the Foundry and Forest Products sectors.

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