On September 2, 2016, the FSB and the IMF published a progress report on the Second Phase of the G20 Data Gaps Initiative (DGI-2). Following the financial crisis, the FSB and the IMF published the first Data Gaps report in 2009 which identified information gaps that had hindered effective policy responses and made proposals for improving data collection. DGI-2 focuses on implementing the collection and dissemination of information for policy use and the preparation of further recommendations to take account of the evolving needs of policymakers. The progress report sets out steps taken on the implementation of DGI-2 as well as the four thematic reviews to be undertaken in 2017 which will cover sectoral accounts and balance sheets, a more comprehensive group of financial soundness indicators, data sharing and Global Systemically Important Insurers.

The progress report is available at: http://www.fsb.org/wp-content/uploads/Second-phase-of-the-G20-Data-Gaps-Initiative-DGI- 2-First-Progress-Report.pdf