A federal district court has denied that part of an insured’s motion seeking to compel the insurer to produce all documents relating to its reinsurance coverage. The court ordered the production of the reinsurance agreements themselves, but found the request for all other reinsurance information was “plainly too broad.” The court also recognized the possible application of the common interest doctrine to the communications between the insurer and its reinsurer to support the denial. As to the other documents sought, the court granted that part of the motion seeking documents relating to certain drafting history of the insurance policy at issue, but denied the remaining part of the motion to compel, which sought documents ranging from the insurer’s personnel files for all personnel involved in the claim to the insurer’s loss reserve information.Harleysville Lake States Ins. Co. v. Lancor Equities, Ltd., No. 13-CV-6391 (USDC N.D. Ill. Oct. 31, 2014).