The General Court has generally upheld the European Commission’s 2008 decision imposing fines on ten companies involved in a bid rigging cartel on the international removal services market in Belgium. The cartel involved direct or indirect fixing of prices, market sharing manipulation of procedures for the submission of tenders to customers and agreement on commissions. Five of the companies concerned appealed against the fines. On 16 June 2011, the Court rejected the arguments put forward by several of the appellants and maintained the level of the fines. However, it reduced the fine imposed on Gosselin from €3.28m to €2.32m on the basis that the Commission conclusively demonstrated that it had participated in the tender cartel arrangements for seven and a half years rather than for 10 years as claimed. Interestingly, the Court also annulled the €104,000 fine imposed on Verhuizingen Coppens (Coppens) on the basis that although there was evidence of participation on a cover quotes, the Commission had failed to demonstrate that Coppens was aware of the subsequent anti-competitive conduct of the other companies concerning commissions and therefore had not participated in a single and continuous infringement covering all the anti-competitive conduct.