On 20 March 2013, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on its Draft Regulation on the application of Articles 107 and 108 TFEU to de minimis aids. This Draft, which operates in the context of the expiry of Regulation 1998/2006 on 31 December 2013, does not change the ceiling (currently set at 200,000€ per company over a period of three years) of de minimis aids, benefiting from a notification exemption to the European Commission. The Commission proposes to gradually introduce a central register of all de minimis aids in order to have an overview of the de minimis state aids granted by a Member State. The Draft also meets stakeholders' expectations by clarifying and simplifying the rules in order to reduce the administrative burden for non-significant aids. Interested persons are invited to respond to the Consultation by 23 May 2013.