On 27 June 2017, the law5 that simplifies the procedure for issuing work permits and temporary residency certificates for foreign citizens, was officially published and will come into force on 27 September 2017.

The new law provides for the following main changes regarding foreign citizens' employment and immigration procedures:

a. Obtaining Work Permits:

  • The list of foreign citizens who may be issued work permits is expanded
  • The list of documents required to obtain work permits is significantly reduced
  • Work permits are issued for a period of up to three years for certain categories of foreign employees (such as highly paid professionals, IT specialists, etc.) and for other foreign employees maximum for one year
  • The fee for obtaining work permits depends on the term for which the work permit is issued and varies from 3,200 to 9,600 (approximately from US$123 to US$370, respectively)
  • Foreign employees may work in different positions for one or more Ukrainian legal entities if a work permit for each such position is obtained (except for highly paid professionals)

b. Obtaining Temporary Residency Certificates:

  • Foreign founders/participants and/or beneficial owners of a Ukrainian legal entity whose investment into the entity's capital is at least 100,000 may obtain temporary residency certificate; the residency certificate for such foreign citizens is issued for a two-year term
  • The law provides for different terms of residency certificates, depending on the grounds for their issuance; thus, for a foreign citizen who is going to be employed in Ukraine, the term of a residency certificate must be the same as the term of a work permit.