What does this cover?

In an attempt to reconcile the two "interlinked, and to some extent conflicting" EU initiatives of "promoting a data-driven economy" alongside the preservation of individual privacy rights, the EU Parliament has published its study entitled 'Big Data and Smart Devices and their Impact on Privacy' (the Study), which focuses on:

  • Big Data practices;
  • Smart devices;
  • the Internet of Things;
    and how the manner in which data is being processed is making it increasingly difficult for EU citizens to understand how their personal data is being collected and processed.

The Study aims to highlight the "the challenges raised for privacy and personal data protection" and the importance of focusing on the rights of the individual as the discussions surrounding the GDPR continue.

To view the full report, please click here.

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

None - for interest only.