On 10 July, pursuant to Executive Order (“EO”) 13224, which authorises sanctions on terrorists and their supporters, the Treasury Department designated Stars Group Holding, a consumer electronics business based in Beirut, Lebanon, its subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates and China and several related individuals.  The Treasury Department asserts that Stars Group Holding is a key Hezbollah procurement network used to purchase sophisticated electronics and other technology from global suppliers, including engines, navigation equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles used by Hezbollah in its military activities in Syria and surveillance operations in Israel.

In addition to the Lebanese company and its domestic and foreign subsidiaries, the Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Kamel and Issam Mohammad Ahmaz, brothers and senior officers of Stars Group Holding; several managers, including Ayman Ibrahim and Ali Zeaiter, who are responsible for the company’s international activities; and Hanna Elias Khalifeh, a Lebanese businessman who works directly with Stars Group Holding and an alleged member of Hezbollah.

Treasury Department Press Release