Traditionally the legal sector has been one of the industries which resort to offline networking. However in recent years, there has been a significant shift in conveyancers capitalising on their social media networks to build connections and showcase expertise.

Geodesys – a leading provider of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales – has recently released a free, downloadable whitepaper to help conveyancers navigate the online world. Here they discuss three key reasons why conveyancers need to engage with and utilise their social media channels.

Create a professional, yet personable brand

Social media is a natural platform for conveyancers to be having conversations with people who require or want to know more about the industry and its products, potentially leading to an increase in volume of prospects.

93% of people expect businesses to be on social media so it is important conveyancers are seen as accessible, which is key in an industry where client communication is vital (especially when there is a negative perception already in the media surrounding conveyancers keeping their clients up-to-date).

People searching for conveyancers are likely to search for them online first, so it is important your profile(s) live up to their expectations and present you as real. Add some personality and include things which interest you outside of the working environment.

Have a plan of action

There is a perception that social media takes up a lot of time; something conveyancers are very short of. Social media does take some time and effort but it’s definitely a worthwhile venture. Our recommendation is to have a planned approach to enable you to find and connect with prospects more effectively. Your clients – potential and existing – are already out there waiting to have a conversation and if you are not talking to them, we can bet your competitors will.

Social media is often the first to announce breaking news so it can be a great tool to learn first about government announcements or conveyancing news which will impact your industry. Keep in the loop with industry news and trends by following trade publications and join LinkedIn groups and communities to liaise with like-minded peers.

Find leads, build trusted relationships

Sharing your expertise and offering information, without the sales pitch, will help position you as an approachable expert as well as build trust amongst your peers and connections. If you have an opinion about the latest government consultation then tell your followers about it. They may agree or they may disagree but it is a great way to start conversations.

If you have written a blog post about something relevant, share it, and if you are presenting at an event, invite your followers along. One LinkedIn post or tweet could lead to a face-to-face meeting.


Social media is a great way for conveyancers to connect with clients, share information and keep up-to-date with industry news. It’s difficult to know where to start so Geodesys has put together a whitepaper to help conveyancers to navigate the online world and reap the rewards. Download it here.