In National Policing Improvement Agency v Total Downstream UK PLC and others [2009] EWHC 943 (TCC), an application was brought under CPR 5.4C(4)(a) for an order that a non-party should not be allowed to obtain a copy of a statement of case under CPR 5.4C(1). The parties submitted that in order to be able to plead their statements of case, it was necessary to refer to certain confidential information, the details of which they did not want disclosed. They contended that they would be unable to properly plead their statements of case should this evidence be freely available to non-parties. The judge agreed that the nature of the information concerning the National Policing Improvements Agency (the NPIA) supported the grant of the order. The court noted that this would not necessarily preclude applications by third parties to view the documents at a later date. The order was made “subject to any further order” and directed that persons applying for a copy of the statement of case should first make an application to the court and that any such application was to be served on all parties to the proceedings. Under CPR 5.4C(6) the applicant need only apply on notice to the parties identified in the statement of case who requested permission.