A settlement agreement has reportedly been entered into by a number of environmental groups (Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Santa Clara Audubon Society [collectively “Environmental Groups”])along with California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Panoche Valley Solar LLC (“PVS”) in regards to the size and location of a proposed California solar project.

PVS is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison Development, Inc.

A Sierra Club news release states that the settlement agreement addresses the size and location of the solar project which is currently under development in the California Panoche Valley. The solar project is described as initially involving 247 MW of solar generation. It is now stated to be projected at approximately 100 MW.

This project is also stated to have changed to a location in Imperial County, California.

The Sierra Club states that development at this site will “have less impact on threatened and endangered species and their habitat.” However, it is further noted that the relocation of a portion of the project is subject to approval by Southern California Edison and the California Public Utilities Commission.

A number of legal challenges had been commenced against the project by the Environmental Groups.

A copy of the Sierra Club news release can be downloaded here.