The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) continues to add forms that must be filed with the USCIS' new lockbox facilities. The most recent form added to the lockbox direct filing system is the Form I-131 Reentry Permit and Advance Parole Application. Due to the number of Forms that have been recently added to the direct filing system, the USCIS has been delayed in issuing receipt notices. Additionally, the USCIS previously indicated that Applicants could receive an email from the USCIS confirming receipt of applications. However, although these emails are being issued, they are significantly delayed after the date of filing and do not continue any case information. It is assumed that these delays will continue as the USCIS continues to add further forms to the direct filing system. Ultimately, the USCIS indicated that within the next few months, all Forms will be filed through the direct filing system.