The LRC has recommended that the existing Courts Acts be consolidated into a single Courts (Consolidation and Reform) Act. Of the 240 Courts Acts currently in existence, 146 predate the foundation of the State in 1922. It is envisaged by the LRC that this act of consolidation would be accompanied by an exercise of significant repeal, cutting down to 359 sections what currently amount to 1500 sections of legislation. The intention is to enhance the effectiveness of the administration of justice.

Proposals of the LRC include requiring parties in civil proceedings to comply with ‘case conduct principles’ and a corresponding obligation on the Courts to facilitate case management. This could bring all civil proceedings more in line with practices currently being adopted by the Commercial Court. The LRC has also discussed increased use of information technology in the courts system.

Such initiatives would indicate that the proposed consolidated act would not just improve efficiency, but also assist in the modernisation of the administration of justice.