On June 12, Fannie Mae issued two Servicing Guide Announcements relating to bifurcated mortgages, mortgage payments, valuations, and processing IRS forms. Announcement SVC 2013-12 clarifies and adds numerous obligations for servicers and responsible parties in connection with bifurcated mortgage loans – loans or properties for which the current servicer is not the responsible party for the selling representations and warranties and/or for the prior servicing responsibilities or liabilities. The announcement addresses, among other topics, (i) issuance of repurchase requests and statements, requests for a make whole payment, or requests for indemnification, (ii) remittance of bifurcated repurchase price and appeal process, (iii) hiring of a servicer and a servicer’s failure to comply, (iv) mortgage loan files, record retention, and release of records, and (v) disputes between responsible parties and servicers. All of the policy changes in 2013-12 take effect on September 1, 2013. Announcement SVC 2013-11 describes policy changes regarding (i) processing and applying mortgage loan payments, (ii) obtaining a property valuation for Fannie Mae conventional mortgage loan modifications, and (iii) processing IRS Form 4506-T and Form 4506T-EZ. While servicers are encouraged to implement the changes noted in 2013-11 immediately, servicers are not required to do so until October 1, 2013.