The UK's Bribery Act 2010 (the "Bribery Act") will come into force on 1 July 2011. The Bribery Act is of relevance to (amongst others) Jersey businesses with UK business interests and to UK nationals, residents and companies wherever operating.

Helpful guidance on the Bribery Act was issued by the Ministry of Justice on 30 March 2011. The guidance emphasises that:

"Most organisations will face little or no risk of bribery, especially if their business is undertaken primarily in the UK… There are simple practical steps you can take to assess and mitigate risks."

Please click here for the guidance.


Jersey already has anti-bribery legislation in the form of the Corruption (Jersey) Law 2006. Compliance with the Ministry of Justice guidance (including by way of risk assessments and due diligence) and putting in place "adequate procedures" to prevent and detect bribery may help avoid some of the widely drawn offences in the local legislation, as well as providing a defence under UK law.  

Businesses are advised to read the guidance, consider the extent of any risk to which they may be exposed in relation to bribery and corruption and review their practices.