The China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response (CICSCER) department issued an AI patent applications’ report, which informed that China had outrun the US in the number of AI patent applications all over the world.

According to the CICSCER department statistic, Chinese companies had applied 440,000 applications for AI patent by October 2019. It is also noted the well-known Chinese Internet search engine Baidu had applied 5,000 applications for obtaining AI patents, taking the leading position in China in 2018 and 2019. The other Chinese entities were ranked in the following way – Tencent was second place, followed Microsoft China, Inspur and Huawei was in 5th place of the top AI patent applications’ entities.

The annual report also shows that Baidu Inc. is considered to be a patent application leader simultaneously in several realms of AI, for example, the deep learning, natural language process and speech recognition.

Nowadays the experts in AI technologies note that AI technologies are being applied in different economic sectors like finance, healthcare, means of transport and education. Furthermore, Global Consultancy PwC makes a forecast that AI’s contribution to the global economy will increase from $2 trillion up to $15 trillion by 2030. As for China, the Chinese government will be building the AI core industry with total value 1 trillion yuan by 2030. This AI core industry will help to stimulate related businesses.

Some directors of the leading Chinese companies shared with IPR daily reporters about their opinion on AI patents’ applications. Mr. Zhang, Vice President of Tencent Company said that their company had applied 3,000 patent applications and published nearly 300 research papers on AI issues. Mr. Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures firm noted that China and the US were two example countries showing that AI could be a valuable asset for traditional industries. Mr. Lee also emphasized that if AI technology were integrated in the Chinese traditional 

industries, in this case the Chinese companies would win, otherwise there would be a high possibility that these companies would disappear in the future. Therefore, Mr. Lee concluded the sooner Chinese traditional industries apply AI technology, it would be better for them.