Regulation of working time weekly breaks for employees in the retail sector

The government intends to introduce two mandatory free weekends per month for employees in the retail sector.

Additional public holidays

The government intends to make Good Friday and 24th December new public holidays.


Sunday working ban for the retail sector has been lifted

In April 2016, the ban on the operation of the retail sector on Sundays which had been in effect from March 2015 was lifted. The ban was unpopular with consumers and it caused substantial job losses in the retail sector.

New rules to allow the withdrawal of termination notices if the employee is pregnant

The amendment of the Labour Code means that an employer can now withdraw the termination of employment within 15 days of the employee informing the employer of her pregnancy.

Change in laws applicable to employment agreements with school cooperatives

The rules on employment agreements between school cooperatives and its member (a student) became more flexible, as their agreements will now be governed partly by the Civil Code and partly by the Labour Code as from September 2016.

With thanks to Zoltán Csernus of VJT & Partners for his invaluable collaboration on this update.