The European Commission’s (EC’s) Joint Research Center has released a report outlining measurement methods that manufacturers can use to determine whether they are working with a nanomaterial subject to regulation. The report sets out the EC’s definition of nanomaterial and describes the requirements for particle size measurements based on the definition. It also discusses related generic measurement issues, reviews the capabilities of the measurement methods currently available and provides illustrations with practical examples of measurement issues that remain to be solved.

The EC plans to issue a follow-up report addressing issues such as the implementation of the definition by means other than through measurements, methods to detect specific nanomaterials, measurements to assess exposure to or effects of nanomaterials, and the detection and measurement of nanomaterials in consumer products. In 2011, the Commission first adopted a nanomaterial definition that lawmakers could use when “adopting new or implementing existing legislation.” As of 2012, cosmetic manufacturers are required under the Cosmetic Products Regulation (EU Regulation 1223/2009) to list any nanoparticles contained in products marketed in the European Union.