On April 8, 2011, President Obama and Congressional leaders announced an agreement on the outline of a spending bill to fund the government through the rest of FY 2011 (until September 30, 2011). The final FY 2011 continuing resolution cuts an additional $38.5 billion in federal spending over the remainder of the year, including new cuts in Department of Health and Human Services funding. Notably, the continuing resolution includes a number of provisions addressing the Affordable Care Act, including: reduced funding for the ACA Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (which supports nonprofit, member-run health insurance issuers that offer qualified health plans in the individual and small group markets); elimination of the “Free Choice Voucher” insurance subsidy program; mandates a number of reports on the cost of implementing the ACA, administrative waivers of ACA annual insurance limits, and the impact of certain ACA market reforms on premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance; and requires an audit of ACA comparative effectiveness funding. Congress is expected to vote on the FY 2011 continuing resolution later this week. In the meantime, Congress passed and the President signed a separate stop-gap bill to fund the government through April 15, 2011 to allow time for action on the FY 2011 bill to be completed. As noted above, although the FY 2011 spending plan is not yet finalized, the House of Representatives already is moving ahead with consideration of its FY 2012 budget framework.