By a Decision n°2010-0200 dated 11 February 2010, the ARCEP specified the accounting and cost redistribution obligations imposed on the operators deemed to be SMP on the mobile call termination wholesale markets. The accounting obligations of the mobile operators are designed to provide the ARCEP with a better knowledge of the costs of the operators as well as the means to verify the implementation of the non-discrimination obligation and the absence of abusive cross-subsidies on those markets.

By a Decision n°2013-0520 dated 16 May 2013, the ARCEP repealed its former decision in order to take into account the evolution of the regulation on those mobile vocal call terminations, in particular the Recommendation 2009/296/EC of the European Commission, providing that the mobile vocal call termination levels are determined by reference to the long run incremental costs, and the evolution of the technological context, in particular with the data traffic development and the 4G mobile networks.