EPA recently announced that it has expanded restrictions on aluminum and magnesium phosphide products to reduce risks of exposure to children. The new restrictions include the following: (i) use is prohibited around all residential areas, including single and multi-family residential properties, nursing homes, schools, day-care facilities, and hospitals; (ii) the products must be used for control of burrowing pests only and are for use on agricultural areas, orchards, non-crop areas, golf courses, athletic fields, parks and recreational areas, cemeteries, airports, rights-of-way, earthen dams, and other nonrecreational institutional or industrial sites only; (iii) products must not be applied in a burrow system that is within 100 feet of a building that is or may be occupied by people or domestic animals; (iv) when used on athletic fields or parks, the applicator must post warnings at entrances; (v) when used out-ofdoors in a site frequented by people, the applicator must also post a warning sign; and (vi) fumigant management plans must be written before all applications of phosphine products.

Aluminum and magnesium phosphine fumigants are used primarily to control insects in stored grain and other agricultural commodities. They are also used to control burrowing rodents in outdoor agricultural and other non-domestic areas. See EPA Press Release, April 7, 2010.