The House Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee held a hearing July 10 on H.R. 6258, “The Carbon Capture and Storage Early Deployment Act.” The bill was introduced in June by Representative Boucher (D-VA) as part of a bipartisan effort to deploy CCS technology. It would establish a corporation under the auspices of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to collect new fees from fossil-fuel generated electric utilities (passing costs on to ratepayers); the fees, estimated to be approximately $1 billion annually, would be used for grants for CCS projects throughout the country.

Most members of the subcommittee supported the bill, and some spoke of possibly having a markup and moving on the bill before the end of the year. Some other members of the subcommittee, including Rep. Inslee (D-WA), believe the bill should not be moved in the absence of a cap-and-trade program and a set price on carbon; if the bill should move in the absence of such a program, Inslee would favor allocating the $10 billion fund across multiple technologies and not just CCS.