The Gambling Commission has published a consulation document aimed at gathering views on the recently announced proposal to require large operators to provide an annual “assurance statement” to the Commission. Such operators, will have to “demonstrate how they successfully manage risk and fulfil their obligations under the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act) and the LCCP.

The assurance statement will require three elements.

  • Part one: the control systems and governance arrangements in place, in particular, relating to two key themes (crime prevention and social responsibility)
  • Part two: actions taken in the past 12 months (prior to the submission of the assurance statement) to improve control systems and governance arrangements
  • Part three: plans for improving those governance arrangements and control systems in the following 12 months as well as the likely/estimated impact of those improvements.

Such statement will be required from gambling operators who have an annual gross gambling yield (GGY) of £25million or above generated in reliance of holding a Commission licence. For B2B suppliers, the threshold in £25m revenue. This Commission believes this represents approximately 90% of the total current GGY of all operators licensed by the Commission and will capture information from 40 organisations.

Such operators will submit their first assurance statement between 1 October and 31 December 2015, covering the preceding 12 months and look forward into 2016.

The consultation will run for 8 weeks and the closing date for responses is 19 April 2015.

The consultation document can be found here.