CSMS# 17-000528 ((8/30/17) provides the following guidance for exporters:

Commercial trade operations at the Ports of 2101 (Port Arthur), 5301 (Houston Seaport), 5309 (Houston Airport), 5310 (Galveston), and 5311 (Freeport, TX) are temporarily suspended for the following dates Wednesday, August 30, 2017 through Friday, September 1, 2017, due to Tropical Storm Harvey.

Exporters that are able to divert their export cargo are encouraged to do so. The exporters or their filing agents should make every effort to correct and update the Electronic Export Information (EEI) filings within the Automated Export System to reflect the new port of export, the date of export and the carrier information.

CBP suggests that prior to amending the EEI: exporters, freight forwarders, or the authorized agents; if capable, make efforts to determine if the cargo was damaged. Exporters will need to make business decisions to either update or cancel the EEI.

If adjustments in the quantities or values of cargo being exported under an export license or license exemption/exception, the exporter or their authorized agent should first attempt to amend the EEI filing to reflect the corrected information for the shipment. If the amendment is not successful, please contact Outbound Enforcement at OFO-Export-Cargo@cbp.dhs.gov and provide the following information: the ITN the license number, the corrected quantities and value for each controlled commodities (including the ITAR data elements).