HealthyLife Sciences and its co-founder John Dwyer have settled U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) deceptive advertising claims involving Healthe Trim supplements which the defendants promoted as a product that consumers could use to “Get High School Skinny” by burning fat, increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite. In re HealthyLife Sciences, LLC, No. 122 3287 (FTC, agreement date unknown). Dwyer and HealthyLife reportedly claimed that Healthe Trim would suppress the appetites and boost the metabolisms of its users to help them lose weight without changing diet or exercise levels.

Under the agreement, HealthyLife cannot make such representations in advertisements about its products without reliable evidence to support them, and Dwyer is “permanently restrained and enjoined” from selling, distributing or marketing “any weight-loss product or program.” See FTC Press Release, September 11, 2014.