On Monday 24 November, North Herts DC's Cabinet will be considering a report intended to bring forward the next stage of consultation on NHDC's emerging local plan - its preferred options. The report pulls no punches in explaining the risk faced by NHDC in its current position of having no 5 year housing land supply.

North Herts is a district with a significant amount of green belt and of the 14,200 homes declared as being required (2,100 of which are to support the unmet needs of Luton BC, its neighbour) only 4,600 can be accommodated without recourse to the green belt. Not only that, but its Sustainability Appraisal made clear that the most sustainable option is a green belt review.

So here are the tough choices and grown up decisions to be taken by members of NHDC's Cabinet on Monday - meet needs and take land out of the green belt, or preserve the green belt and fall short on need. Plenty to think about over the weekend.