The elections for EP Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs elections followed on the third week of January. After the Referendum on the EU membership of the United Kingdom (“UK”), and now that the UK has one foot out the door, several voices had called on the British MEPs to vacate any influential positions they held (at the moment, there are three Committee Chairs who are British). However, it appears the British MEPs are staying put for now: only five parliamentary committees will have a new chair, none of which are replacing a British chair. The Political Groups behind each one of those British MEPs have decided to support them and propose them again as candidates, in important Committees such as the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, or the Civil Liberties Committee.

So, it can be now confirmed that Brexit will be Brexit, but it has not happened yet: British MEPs will stay in their current positions with all their prerogatives until the UK leaves the EU.