Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. v. Humedica, IncC.A. No. 14-880-LPS-CJB, April 8, 2015.

Burke, C. J.  Intervenor’s motion to modify the schedule is granted.

A non-party intervenor acquired the patents-in-suit after the complaint was filed and a scheduling order was entered in this action.  It sought a 30-day extension for the deadlines for producing an initial claim chart, for defendant’s submission of invalidity contentions, and motions to join other parties and amend or supplement pleadings.  Defendant was willing to agree to a 14-day extension, but opposed the 30-day extension claiming it could potentially prejudice its ability to adequately prepare IPR petitions.  The court finds that good cause exists for granting the motion, noting that the intervenor has acted diligently.