On May 28, 2013, the Canadian Competition Bureau (the Bureau) launched the Criminal Cartel Whistleblowing Initiative, which is designed to enable members of the public to provide information to the Bureau regarding possible violations of the criminal cartel provisions of the Competition Act. As part of this initiative, the Bureau has created a hotline for whistleblowers to report potential violations and whistleblowers can choose how much personal information to provide to the Bureau. If the whistleblower reports anonymously, however, the Bureau warns that it may be impossible to respond to the report or provide the whistleblower the protections to which he or she otherwise would be entitled. If the whistleblower chooses to reveal his or her identity, the Bureau will keep the individual’s identity confidential, but the whistleblower may be asked to testify in court. According to John Pecman, the Interim Competition Commissioner of the Bureau, the initiative is expected to support increased reporting of anticompetitive behavior, while simultaneously protecting the individuals who report it.