FSA has published its feedback statement on product intervention, following its January discussion paper. Consumer organisations generally supported FSA's proposals, but industry comments varied. Some respondents said the focus should be at point of sale, as that is where consumer detriment occurs, while others thought intervention at product level and new requirements on product governance were a good idea. FSA says it still believes an intervention approach is essential and says product design plays a significant role in determining consumer outcomes as well as what happens at point of sale. It maintains it is possible to design products that take advantage of consumer behaviour in a way that will not benefit consumers and it does not accept there is enough competition in the markets to drive away these products. FSA says it needs to make changes to its regulatory approach and intends to take forward a single set of rules and guidance on product governance (which may include turning some current guidance (including the Responsibilities of Providers and Distributors for the Fair Treatment of Customers (RPPD)) into rules). It is also considering how best to develop the product governance framework to improve standards, which may include seeking changes to relevant Directives. FSA acknowledges its approach will be affected by EU proposals and the proposals for changes in UK regulation. (Source: Product Intervention: Feedback on DP11/1 and Product Intervention feedback statement (FS11/3))