All telemarketers, and businesses that employ telemarketing companies to make calls on their behalf, will be required to register, even if they only make exempt unsolicited calls. Businesses can register using the same website as consumers at Registration is free.

Unless they are exclusively making calls that are exempt from National DNCL requirements, telemarketers will also be required to purchase a subscription to the National DNCL. The fees to be paid will vary based on the number of area codes a telemarketer intends to call. The annual fee for all area codes will be $11,280.00. Individual codes can be accessed for an annual fee of $615.00. Telemarketers who are subscribed to the National DNCL will be required to download consumer telephone numbers registered on the National DNCL every 31 days and delete those numbers from their lists prior to making any unsolicited telecommunications.

For a detailed explanation of exemptions, internal and external compliance measures, and the due diligence defence, please click here to view our Alert issued on September 4, 2008.

For suggestions and best practices on how to prepare your organization, please click here to view our DNCL Compliance Tip Sheet.