According to roundtable speakers addressing whether crowdsourcing  could be used to determine anticipation or obviousness during patent  examination, scaling up to meet the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s  (USPTO’s) proposal to use crowdsourcing as a means of expanding current  third-party prior art submissions could be difficult. Additional information  about USPTO’s roundtable notice appears in the “News Bytes” section of  Issue 75 of this Bulletin. Most of the speakers reportedly operated or now  operate Websites that either post patent applications or the claim interpretations in patent applications so that experts can identify and submit  documents relating to prior art. Other speakers apparently questioned  whether third-party submissions provide a solid basis on which USPTO  can build, noting that most third parties submitting under the current  program—launched under an America Invents Act provision—work for  companies responding to a competitor’s application. Comments on the  issue must be submitted by April 25, 2014. See Bloomberg BNA The United  States Law Week®, April 11, 2014.