This is entry number 30 of a blog on the implementation of the Planning Act 2008.

Today, as reported by Planning magazine (link), the Lib Dems have the IPC in their sights and would scrap it in a cull of quangos. Vince Cable's speech to the party conference does not mention this specifically, but the associated documentationon the Lib Dems' website lists the IPC as one of over 90 quangos that they would cull or merge. Interestingly it is down to be culled rather than merged, which compares with the Tories' plan to merge it with the Planning Inspectorate (although officially 'abolishing' it).

It is not clear what they will do with the authorisation of nationally significant infrastructure projects if there is no IPC to consider applications. If the IPC is scrapped then the old regime could be reinstated in full, or some other body could decide applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects. I will try to find out more.