The Washington Associated General Contractors reports on the state of the 2010 Legislative session. The budget and taxes take center stage in the Special Session begun March 15, including a proposed three-year increase in the sales tax of 0.3%. Legislation already passed includes:

  • EHB 2805, which requires contractors to disclose information concerning off-site prefabrication; a violation would render a contractor non-responsible for future public work. The AGC has asked Governor Gregoire to veto the bill.
  • ESSB 6381 updates the 2009-11 transportation budget to reflect receipt of ARRA funds.
  • ESSB 5529 effects various relatively modest changes to architectural licensing law.
  • SSSB 6578 allows concurrent processing of environmental permits to speed approve of WSDOT projects.
  • SHB 2758 extends reseller permits to a term of two years from date of issuance.
  • SSSB 6575 seeks to strengthen education and penalties for unregistered contractors.