[2008] LTLPI 22.07.09  

Claimant, aged 56, consulted Defendant GP in relation to mid and lower back pain. GP referred Claimant for physiotherapy and blood tests but failed to make rheumatology referral when these returned abnormal ESR results. Claimant’s condition deteriorated and by the time he was eventually diagnosed with TB meningitis 10 months later the infection had caused loss of power in legs and arms with paralysis of bowel and bladder, memory impairment and sexual impotence.  

Claimant was diagnosed as having a benign meningioma, which would have caused some intracranial problems including mild cognitive impairment, mild dysarthria and partial loss of left third cranial nerve in any event. However the other high cerebral and functional impairments were caused by tuberculosis. Liability admitted.  

Out of court settlement: £2,750,000 (estimated General Damages: £150,000).